Medicare For All, COVID-19 and why Bernie Sanders needs to be elected

The COVID-19 virus is showing the cracks in a privatized U.S. health system that only Bernie Sanders’ style Medicare For All can fix

The United States has a deeply vulnerable public health system. The COVID-19 virus is laying bare the cracks of a privatized U.S. health system that offers care to only those who can afford it. It’s a system that keeps people from seeking medical care when they show symptoms because they are afraid of needing to pay for treatment. Yet, when a global pandemic strikes, the system is only as safe as the least insured person in the country.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Medicare For All is the only viable solution to these problems. This is why Bernie needs to win.

I am Canadian. I have universal healthcare. I could just look away, happy with what I have. Our medical system is not perfect, and we are constantly fighting against governments that want to erode it. And, of course, we are not immune from COVID-19 because of our universal healthcare. But, I’ll be honest, it’s pretty great not worrying about going bankrupt with medical bills when I get sick or break a leg or if I need to get treated for COVID-19.

But I want you to have it too.

You need it.

You deserve it.

“Not Me. Us.” transcends borders.

Last week, I went to Detroit and Auburn Hills, Michigan from Toronto to knock on doors for Bernie. I got paired up with with someone and we went out together. One of us had no insurance and a had chronic health condition. The other (me), a Canadian with universal healthcare.

Most of the people we talked to had stories of healthcare costs and fears. People understood the value of Medicare for All and how it could help them enormously. They want it, and they like that Bernie is fighting for it.

It’s a small sample size, but from what I heard from people, they are afraid of Trump, and are trying to be practical. Many feel Biden is the best chance to beat Trump — but this was far from solid support. They are ready to go with Bernie if they think he can win.

Bernie CAN win by staying focused on the healthcare message. Bernie offers a path to Health Care For All. Biden offers a veto even if Congress approved it.

Bernie is electable. He has a base, he has a movement behind him. Polls consistently show he would beat Trump in a head-to-head matchup. And he has policies that Americans actually want. For example, exit polls in the primaries have consistently shown a majority approval of Medicare for All

Biden, on the other hand, is going to be picked apart by Trump on Social Security, trade and so many other issues. As well, it’s an open secret that he is dealing with some cognitive issues (see here too) that his handlers are hoping will survive the primaries. It’s a sensitive issue, but it’s fair to say the Trump won’t pull punches on hitting him on these issues in the general election.

And it’s not just gaffes. Biden also gets a pass from much of the media for making stuff up, but we can be assured he will be grilled on all this in the general election.

This isn’t totally selfless of me, you know, ‘hey America, I want this for you’ just because I care (though I do!). I have a lot of family all over the U.S. and I want them to have access to universal healthcare. As well, other Sanders policies transcend borders. For example, a Green New Deal doesn’t stop at the U.S. border. We are at a very serious point of climate crisis and we need the most powerful country in the world to play a key role in fighting it. For the survival of the planet, WE ALL NEED the Green New Deal.

Sorry to be blunt folks, but the path out of this nightmare is staring you in the face and too many of you are not seeing it. Elect Bernie Sanders.

So get behind Sanders. With Bernie, you get to start moving towards Medicare For All AND vote Trump Out. WIN-WIN

The debate on Sunday night at 8 p.m. Eastern is the beginning of the turn around of the primary. It will be a pivotal moment in the election. Gloves off. Bernie will make clear that he is the best option to both defeat Donald Trump and to bring about the practical change, including Medicare For All, that the U.S. needs most.

This primary year has been very unusual. It doesn’t follow a traditional trajectory. And over half of the delegates are still up for grabs, including those in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and other large key states. There is still a path to a Bernie victory.

Time to go out and do it.


My twitter is @darrenpuscas – ask me anything about universal medicare in Canada and I’ll try to answer or find someone who can!

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