Podcasting basics: Notes for beginners

Have you ever wanted to get into podcasting? Use these notes, hints and resources to get started!

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Ever wanted to get into podcasting? Now is a great time to start. Interest in podcasts is at an all time high, there are a lot of resources available and the equipment needed to get started is more affordable than ever.

I’m in the research and planning stage of a putting together podcast — here I’m sharing links to some of the materials I found in my research.

Start by going over some of the resources in “Podcasting Basics” to build your an understanding of how it all works. Good luck!


A. Understanding Podcasting

What is a Podcast? A radio show that you listen to on purpose. It is often episodic. They come in many different styles/formats:

  • off the cuff style
  • organized – stylized
  • topic specific


Podcasting Basics:


Further Online Resources


Podcasts About Podcasting


B. Tools

For the most part, these are simply lists of tools. You can get a better sense of what tools you need when and how to use them from the Podcasting Basics resources above.

Equipment – General

  • USB microphones – simple and affordable but cheapish, need to use them with computer,…
  • Better to have an analog microphone – can connect to computer, recorder…
  • Microphones and Recorders – the “Part 1: Voice Recording Gear” in Podcasting Basics goes over options.
  • iPhone internal mic is pretty good. but can’t monitor the sound.
  • Need to wear over ear headphones. Earbuds only ok for mixing/editing.


Audio Editing Software


Recording on Skype / Google video


Digital Formats

  • record in WAV then compress to MP3.
  • buy a large sound card so you can record in WAV.


Music/Sound Effects


Hosting and Distribution (if planning to go more public with the podcast).



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